Who We Are

dryGrow Foundation is a nonprofit organisation with an aim to transform current agricultural practices in the semi-arid regions as we know it today.

Our mission is to utilize adaptive plants and cutting-edge methods to improve the livelihoods of people and facilitate resilient communities in semi-arid regions.

We envision the semi-arid areas with a vibrant agroecology, where plants, animals and human beings live in harmony. With our diverse backgrounds, we are able to think outside the box of conventional agriculture for a sustainable future.

What We Do

Through engaging in research with universities, and cooperating with other organisations and interested individuals our intention is to:

  • Organize and finance research and develop techniques to optimise Opuntia and Nopales cactus harvesting
  • Use reliable techniques and cactus varieties for best results
  • Engage with communities in arid regions to help facilitate harvesting for animal fodder
  • Transfer knowledge and management know-how