dryGrow is committed to helping communities, increase food security and alleviate poverty. Your gift enable us to increase our capability to serve those in need across the world. Thank you for supporting dryGrow and for sharing our vision.

We accept donations to the Foundation through bank transfers.

Beneficiary Stiftung dryGrow

Bank   LGT Bank AG, Herrengasse 12, FL-9490 Vaduz



For donations in Dollars

USD- Account No. 0032878.042

IBAN: LI16 0881 0000 0328 7804 2


For donations in Euro

EUR- Account No. 0032878.035

IBAN: LI11 0881 0000 0328 7803 5


For donations in Swiss Franc

CHF-Account No. 0032878.028

IBAN: LI06 0881 0000 0328 7802 8