dryGrow Foundation is based in Liechtenstein and is a Nonprofit Organisation.

Liechtenstein authorities have accepted and approved the status of a charitable foundation with decision dated April 13, 2015.

dryGrow Foundation Statuten (1154798)

  • The Foundation's mission is to improve the quality of life of human population in the arid regions of the world, achieved by the use of plants and animal alliances reaching on the whole a high efficiency in the use of water.
  • Especially, the Foundation's mission shall be realised by:
    1. Production and supply of healthy plant material and its multiplication. Education to better prepare the soil, improve, cultivate and care of plantation. Development of efficient harvesting methods, be it manual or automatic.
    2. Provision of support to concretely develop a feeding schedule, taking into consideration the available pasture, the plants to be harvested and the objectives of the animal husbandry.
    3. Research related to selection and culture of adequate plants and efficient technical procedures in cooperation with:- universities and institutes;
      - targeted communities and farmers of the world.
    4. Application of agro-ecological principles to improve the fertility of the soil and the health of plants, animals and human beings. Among other measures by using organic fertiliser, remineralisation of the soil and mycorrhisa, in order to avoid the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides.
    5. Generation of public awareness of the need to optimize agricultural economy in arid regions by media and political measures.