our micro-propagation laboratory in Sicily…

… Is equipped with all materials needed for sterile in vitro cultivations.

What do we produce?

Our specialized production is mainly concentrated in the production of varieties of the genus Opuntia and Nopalea. Varieties that are currently in production refers both to the production of cladodes (pads-biomass-fodder) and  for production of the fruit. The varieties for the production of fodder are of Brazilian origin: Gigante and Orelha da elefante mexicana, varieties for the production of the fruit are those from Sicily: the White, Red and Yellow.

Our collection is much wider…
What is micro-propagation

The micro-propagation is the technique which allows the propagation of plants vegetatively starting from small ex-plants that can be represented by individual cells or groups of cells or tissue fractions of organs of plants that are to be multiplied.

Micro-propagation allows to obtain quickly a large number of identical plants between them selves , and to the mother plant, this presents itself as an alternative to the conventional propagation and in the current nursery fruit this is a widely tested technique.

This technique has the following advantages:

  • The ex-plants are taken from a limited number of mother plants;
  • Propagation is not dependent on the season;
  • Possibility of multiplying particular species or genotypes which are difficult to be propagated with the traditional techniques (recalcitrant);
  • Ability to provide high production in confined spaces and in a short time;
  • Health and uniformity of the obtained materials;
  • The produced multiplicated material can be preserved for a relatively long period.