Community Research Project

dryGrow is working with FINATEC – Scientific and Technological Enterprises Foundation, Professor Suzi Huff Theodoro at The University of Brasilia, and Remineralize the Earth (NGO) to research the viability and suitability for remineralisation, agroforestry, and cactus for fodder plantations in the Quilombola community Lajedão of Matthew in Bahia, North Brazil.

Quilombola 2

The project will be carried out in the Quilombola community Lajedão of Matthew, located in the city of Golden America, Bahia. This region suffers from a lack of rainfall with periods of drought. Considering the irregular rainfall, water has become a disputed resource in the region and can be obtained from two sources: rainwater drained by the basins of the Green and Alligator rivers, and accumulated groundwater limestone substrate.

The Community

Quilombos represent a legacy of the colonization process that took place in Brazil for more than three centuries. Quilombo communities were one of the most important and vigorous forms of opposition to the slave system that lasted in Brazil during the colonial period and early republic.Quilombola 1

Hundreds of Quilombola communities are located in Brazil, located especially in the states of Bahia and Maranhão. They live mostly in isolated communities which allow them to keep the African-Brazilian traditions. Offering alternative technology for agriculture is essential to improve food security, increase nutrition and alleviate poverty.

The Project Objective

The project has three components; to remineralize soils and grow nutrient dense food and feedstock, create an agroforestry farm for food fuel and income, and to plant Opuntia ficus-indica cactus to harvest fodder for the animals. We seek to promote, in a sustainable way, agricultural production, preservation of the environment and to create opportunities for employment and income among the farmers. The project will make use of remineralization techniques, implement an agroforestry system and introduce cactus for fodder.

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