Sustainable Agriculture Centre

Sustainable Agriculture Centre

Location: Sicily

Sicily has long been known for its dry climate, and on this semi-arid island the Opuntia ficus-indica cactus is farmed to a great extent primarely for its sweet prickly pear. The Opuntia however is not farmed for animal feed and this is where dryGrow can play a major role researching the potential of cactus for fodder.

San Cono Sicilia ScozzolaturaAt the Ferla farm, we are working together with the University of Catania and farmers to test our methods of planting and harvesting the Opuntia ficus-indica. Through using a greenhouse, planting high density, and having local reference plantations; we are testing and improving our methods. The Sustainable Agriculture Center will become a demonstration center for the public as well as providing workshops to train farmers how to utilize our methods.

Agriturismo Porta Pantalica Siracusa Sicilia

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