• Sustainable Agriculture Centre

    Sustainable Agriculture Centre Location: Sicily Sicily has long been known for its dry climate, and on this semi-arid island the Opuntia ficus-indica cactus is farmed to a great extent primarely for its sweet prickly pear. The Opuntia however is not farmed for animal feed and this is where dryGrow can play

  • Integrated Production System

    Integrated Production System Location: Central Brazil In 2015 this Swiss farm received an award for the best cheese produced in Brazil. The farm is partnering with dryGrow testing of the growth of Opuntia ficus-indica cactus for fodder amended with rock dust to increase the mineral content and nutrient density of

  • Community Research Project

    dryGrow is working with FINATEC – Scientific and Technological Enterprises Foundation, Professor Suzi Huff Theodoro at The University of Brasilia, and Remineralize the Earth (NGO) to research the viability and suitability for remineralisation, agroforestry, and cactus for fodder plantations in the Quilombola community Lajedão of Matthew in Bahia, North Brazil. The project will be carried out